8 months.

Today I am 31 weeks, the starting of 8 months.  Only 9 more weeks, give or take, until we get to meet our baby girl.  We are both so excited.  I still don’t seem to have many cravings, except for sweet foods.  Other than that, I can pretty much eat whatever.  She moves around constantly, and now I’m at that point where sleep is getting hard.  Last night while I was trying to sleep, first she got the hiccups, and she had them for quite a while.  Then when I laid up against Dustin’s back, she started pushing at him.  It’s so hard to roll over now, that changing positions is not fun, and I try not to do it too often.  As I’m writing this, she’s pushing out on my right side.  She normally stays toward my right rib cage.  She loves when daddy talks to her, and puts his hands on my stomach, she starts kicking now right away.  We go see the doctor on Wednesday, which I am so excited about.  We’ve got everything pretty much done, I just need to get a couple more things.  I have her diaper bag ready, I just need to get my hospital bag ready.  Last night, I ordered a breastfeeding book(I promise to tell you what I think about it), and a set of essential oils.  I also decided to get Amazon Prime.  I don’t know how much I’ll use it, but I’m hoping with Elizabeth here, it will come in handy with the 2 day free shipping.  I need to decide on which breast pump I’m going to get, because I am planning on going back to work part time after she’s about 2 months old.  The only things we really need now specifically for her are a crib mobile, bottle warmer, and a couple more toys.  I’d say she’s pretty much spoiled.  My cousin April bought her the outfit for her newborn pictures that I am absolutely obsessed with.  It’s a handmade Hello Kitty outfit.  I can’t wait to see her in it.  My mom got her a dress to go home from the hospital in, which is adorable.  After she’s home from the hospital, I’m going to make a shadow box for her bedroom wall.

Right now I am sitting at my kitchen table writing this, while Dustin is mowing our yard.  Then we are going to my parent’s house for a small cookout, before Dustin has to go to sleep, since he has to work this weekend.  I hate when he has to work on the weekends, but I’m so proud of him for doing everything he can for our little family.

I’ve been very interested in learning about essential oils.  Right now I have one diffuser, and three essential oils: breathe easy, happiness, and lemon.  I have 6 coming in on Monday that I ordered off Amazon.  They are: Eucalyptus, Lavender, Orange, Tea Tree, Lemongrass, and Peppermint.  I’m super excited on trying them.  I’ve been doing a lot of research, but anything anyone wants to tell me about them, please do.  I’d like to learn all that I can.  Maybe one day I will be able to purchase the Young Living set, but right now I’m not able to.

We had VBS at my church this past week and it was a lot of fun.  I learned a lot, too.  We had Dustin’s nephews.  JW, 3 years old and Tristan, 6 years old.  They seemed to really enjoy it.  I’m glad they did.  I will definitely be bringing Elizabeth next year, I can’t wait.  She will be around 10 months old when we do it next year.  I’m wanting to help teach again.  Maybe next year I will know more about it, and be able to do more.  I’m still a beginner when it comes to the Bible and God.  But I have a time allotted for bible study everyday, and it makes me feel so calm and at ease.  It’s just so hard for me to know where to start.  Doing VBS this week though, has helped me a lot.  It’s made me realize that I do want to learn as much as I can.  Before I always just slacked off, thinking it was no big deal.  But to me now, it’s a very big deal.  If I don’t pray before I go to sleep, I toss and turn all night.  I know God gave me Dustin, and he blessed us with our Elizabeth.


Until next time,



Always Be Thankful



Me and Dustin are never ones to ask many people for help.  Yeah, if we NEED someone, we will ask our parents, or VERY close relatives.  But I’ve learned a very important lesson these past few months; let people help you, and always be thankful for the help you receive.  You never realize how hard things can get until you reach that point.

     As you know, me and Dustin have our baby girl on the way, and we just moved into a new house.  Well, new to us.  Anyways, we’ve lived in our house for 2 months, and it’s just now becoming our home.  Because of our family, friends, and church family, we’ve been able to get the things we have needed since we’ve moved in.  I never knew how much stuff we actually needed.

     As with us having our little girl on the way, everyone around us has been such a huge help.  She is so loved by everyone already.  If it wasn’t for everyone helping us, I don’t know how we would have gotten everything that we have now.  Dustin’s sister gave us a baby shower with our friends and family.  Our church family gave us a baby shower, too, just this passed weekend, and we are so blessed to have so many supportive people surrounding us.

     An update on baby girl:  she is doing great.  She is very active, constantly sitting in my ribcage.  The past couple of days, it feels like she’s been doing cartwheels in my stomach.  The heat of the summer has already been getting to me pretty bad.  Today I’ve been doing  a lot of work on the house, and I got too hot.  It felt like I was never going to cool off.  Finally I did though.  Dustin has been such a huge help the past few days, I am so thankful for him.  Somedays I feel like I don’t tell him enough how much I appreciate him.  While I was gone yesterday for the baby shower at church, he cleaned up the house for me.  Just little things, but the little things that he knew I noticed, and he knew would help me out because I hadn’t been able to get around to cleaning them.  I’m so lucky to call him my husband.  Even with him working thirds, he still does everything for me that I need him too.

Now I’m going to post pictures of our kitchen, so far.  And of Elizabeth’s room.  Her room is not near done, yet, either.  We still haven’t decorated.  We are working on getting a bookshelf in there this week, and we just got the crib set today and haven’t put it up yet.




The Little Things

I watch my dog (who has just had 5 puppies) run away from her puppies as they are trying to nurse.  Why?  They have to learn to eat on their own, not continue to feed from her.  They need to grow big and strong and be able to fend for their selves.  Much like us.  I think about this a lot now that I am pregnant.  Granted I think about a lot of things constantly, but that’s not the point right now.

I now know why my parents acted the way that they did when I was growing up.  No, I’m not ready to see my baby, that I haven’t even got to meet yet, grow up.  But I know that she’s going to, and I know it’s my job to prepare her for her future.  I’m not sure if I’m mentally prepared for that.  Right now, I cry at the drop of a hat.

My parents and my family together as a whole, still continue to help me and Dustin whenever we need it.  Being an adult is hard.  Keeping up with the housework, the bills, the yard.  Remembering to walk the dogs x amount of times a day, taking the garbage can out to the side of the road on Wednesday night so they can come get it on Thursday.  Trying to plan out what to cook for breakfast, lunch, and dinner because you are trying to save money, and eat healthier because you have a human being growing inside you.  Sometimes it’s difficult, and I will be the first to tell you, being pregnant, I have found out that it’s very stressful and trying to get stuff done and done on time.

No, I don’t have a job right now, and Dustin is working thirds to support us.  I hate him working thirds, but he will do whatever he has to do.  I love when he comes home in the mornings though and looks at me and smiles.  No matter how bad of a night he has had, he always comes in the house with a smile.  He always asks me how I’m feeling and if I need him to do anything.  I hate him doing stuff for me, because he works all the time.  But sometimes, I’m not feeling well and he will do the dishes without me asking, or he will cook lunch and clean up the house.  It’s the little things he does, that reminds me why I fell in love with him in the first place.

I know this post is kind of all over the place, but I have a lot of thoughts running through my head and I’ve been trying to put those thoughts into words, so this is what I got.  Thanks again to the people who take time out of their day to read my random thoughts.

Brandi N Haggard.

Mother’s day.

First off I would like to start this post with saying happy mother’s day to all the moms , soon to be moms , step moms , foster moms, adoptive moms , and the women who are wanting to become moms or who have lost a child/baby.  

Im so lucky to be able to say that I am Elizabeth’s mom. I know we haven’t gotten to meet her yet , but in 3 short months I will be holding her in my arms. Already being her mom is the greatest gift I have ever been blessed with , asides being Dustins wife , of course. 

As of Saturday ,  I am 25 weeks pregnant!  She moves around like crazy.  The past few mornings when I’ve woke up , she’s been pushing on my left side.  I love being able to see her pushing and kicking.  I’ve been craving ice cream and milk and cereal.  I have my glucose test on the 31st.  That’s just an update about the pregnancy.

Today Dustin and I went to church with my parents ,  then we went to see his parents and nephew’s.  It’s been a pretty good day. I cooked pinto beans and cornbread for supper. Now Dustin is asleep on the couch and I’m on the loveseat binge watching glee on Netflix.  He’s having to work 7 days a week right now until further notice.  It totally sucks , and I miss him so much when he’s gone to work , but I know he’s doing it for our family.  My cousin went to a book convention a little over a week ago , and today she brought by a bunch of books for me.  I was in heaven.  I’m so happy I have more books to read. Yes , I am doing this blog post on my phone! 

Thanks to everyone who has taken time out of their day to read my post.

-Brandi Haggard

To Start You Out…


Since I am new to the blogging scene, to start you out, I’m going to tell you a little bit about me and my little family.

Dustin and I started our relationship on April 25, 2016 and on March 5, 2017 we said “I do.”  I know to most people that sounds like we rushed things, but to us, we knew from the beginning that we were meant to be.  He’s my life, and I’m his.  Without each other we are nothing.  I know that sounds cliché and like how most people describe their relationships, but with us it is completely different.  Without me, he would lose everything he owned including his mind(haha), and without him, I would be just completely lost.  He makes me feel more confident then I have in my entire life, he makes me believe that I can achieve anything.

In August of 2017, we will be welcoming a beautiful baby girl into the world.  Little Miss Elizabeth Nichole Haggard.  We cannot wait to meet her.  Every time we get to hear her heartbeat, and I get to feel her move, my heart just feels so full of joy and love.  But trust me, this pregnancy has not been beautiful like they say it is.  Whoever says pregnancy is the most amazing thing in the world is completely full of it.  Yes, I’m in love with our daughter, and I am so happy that I was able to get pregnant. But, it’s the most overwhelming feeling ever.  The first 4-5 months, I could barely eat.  Every smell made me nauseous.  I could barely do anything, I had no energy whatsoever.  Now I’m on my 6th month, and I want to eat everything in sight, I feel like a whale, I am constantly broke out into hives, and my emotions are through the roof.  But, through all the sickness and the pain, I do love being pregnant.

      At the end of April, me and Dustin signed the lease on our new home.  I know it’s nowhere near perfect, but to us it is.  It has the perfect size room for Elizabeth, and a great yard for her to play in.  We have a good sized kitchen and living room, and master bedroom.  I’m so happy that things are looking up for us.  But, I know that God will never put us through anything that we cannot handle.

     So basically, this blog is just a blog about my little family and our lives.  Some days it may be boring, other’s it may interest you.  Just don’t give up on me, I’m new to this.


Brandi Haggard.