I’m going to start this off with, I can’t believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving!  Last year on Thanksgiving, Dustin proposed to me!  This year will be Elizabeth’s first Thanksgiving!  I’m so excited!

Alright, so my online classes have started.  Right now I feel like all I am doing with my time is studying when Elizabeth is asleep.  I don’t mind it, because I’m a nerd, but with the migraines I get, it’s a little difficult.  Right now we are talking about stress management, time management, etc.  We have a live class tonight, and my teacher wants us all to share our favorite motivational quote.  I have a couple that I really like:

“If you want to achieve greatness stop asking for permission.”

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.”

“If you are not willing to risk the usual you will have to settle for the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn

” All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

” Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

Those are my favorite ones, now time to decide which one to use for tonight.  We have gotten 3 grades so far, and as of now I have an A!  I’m so happy.  Following my dream is scary but exciting.  I’m just so happy I have such a great support system.  If it wasn’t for my husband, I don’t know where I would be right now.

Now to talk about my new job!  I accepted the job as a substitute teacher.  I have only worked one day before they were off a week for the holidays, but I have plenty of assignments already scheduled before Christmas break starts!  My first assignment was for a Special Ed class in an Elementary School.  I absolutely loved it.  Being in there with those kids taught me so much and just changed my perspective.  It was a great first day of work.  At first I had only accepted Elementary Schools, but I felt like I was missing something.  I talked with Dustin, and I decided to add middle schools and see how I liked it.  I may not enjoy older grades, but I want to try it and see.  I know though that I do not want to substitute in high schools.  I’m very short, and I am just not confident enough yet to sub in a high school setting.

Dustin and I have been going to church (as often as we can), and our church has started a new Sunday School class for young married couples.  We are very much enjoying it.  Last Sunday we studied Adam and Eve.  Our challenge for this week is to not blame our spouse.  Last night me and Dustin were sitting in our living room, he was watching TV and I was studying.  I don’t really remember what he had said that had started the conversation, but it ended with him telling me “I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t blame you, it’s not you, and I shouldn’t make it out to be your fault.”  Guys, that made me so happy.  To know that he is actually paying attention in Sunday School and is doing our lesson with me means so much.  I mean, we are always telling each other everything.  We’ve always thought our relationship is completely different from others.  We have put God first since the very beginning.  We work together as a couple.  He always encourages me to do what makes me happy and even though what we are going through right now is stressful, God knows.  God won’t put us through anything we can’t handle.  I wasn’t expecting to go to work so soon, but I was given a great opportunity, and Dustin knows that I enjoy it so much.  But working, going to college, cleaning the house, having a 3 month old baby, and trying to have a social life is challenging to say the least.  When Elizabeth takes a nap, I have to decide between studying, cleaning, or resting.  It’s not easy.

I know I brag on Dustin a lot, but don’t think we don’t get into it sometimes.  Like all couples, we do argue.  It’s not often but we do.  We get on each others nerves sometimes.  I know some days he would like to strangle me, and some days I would like to punch him in the throat.  But those aren’t very often.  Some days when Elizabeth is asleep, we will go and sit outside and just talk.  We talk about his day at work, we talk about what I did at home that day, just random stuff.  Sometimes it’s serious and deep conversations, and sometimes it’s not.  Some days we just sit in the living room playing video games or watching tv and don’t say more than a few words to each other and we are still completely comfortable with that.  We always talk about how we are meant to be together, how God put us in bad situations at the beginning so we would have the opportunity to meet.

Now I’m going to talk about my child.  Elizabeth will be three months old tomorrow, and she is already wearing size 2 diapers, and 3-6 month clothing!  She is able to play with toys.  She can grasp rattles and blankets.  She loves her swing.  She loves pulling her pacifier out of her mouth, then screaming for one of us to put it back in, just for her to do it again.  She loves cereal.  She sleeps pretty much all night.  Her bed time is in between 5:30-7.  She still loves being swaddled.  She loves Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck.  She loves watching Superhero cartoons.  Every morning when you look into her bassinet when she wakes up, she gives you a huge smile that just melts your heart.  She’s growing up so fast and even though that makes me happy, it also makes me so sad.  She’s so smart, and so chunky.  I love my baby girl more than anything in this world.

Last thing, since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I just want to put here what I am thankful for.  I am thankful for God, and for everything He has done for me and my little family.  I am thankful for Dustin ,and for Elizabeth.  I am thankful for my best friends.  I am thankful for my family, and my in-laws.  My church family.  I am just so thankful that I am given the opportunity to have so many great people in my life.




A new chapter in life

Hey guys! 👋🏻. So I know it’s been a little while since I have posted , and trust me, I’ve been meaning to but life just gets in the way sometimes . I’m going to try to make a post at least once a week , maybe every two weeks. Depends on the way life is going at that moment in time. 😝

My husband , Dustin has gotten a new job. He seems to like it , which I am glad . He’s on first shift now. I am so happy about that . It’s very nice being able to spend more time with him during the day , and have him next to me at night . 

I start online classes in less than two weeks! 🤗 I am so excited! I am getting my associates of accounting degree. This first 7 weeks I only have one class , so it won’t be too bad. 

This week I also got a great opportunity . I received a phone call on Monday for a job offer to be a substitute teacher in the county over . I talked it over with Dustin and I’ve accepted it! I had my orientation on Thursday , I chose to do all the elementary schools in the county . I get my fingerprints done on Monday , then I get to start accepting assignments on Tuesday!  I get to manage my own schedule , which will be great for school and our baby . I’m so excited for this! 

This new chapter in our lives is scary but so exciting ! God works in mysterious ways. But our God is amazing! Prayer works , guys! 🙏🏻 I wasn’t planning on going back to work this soon , but I feel like this is meant to be. Everything happens for a reason!

I have also been taking time out of everyday to read and study my bible! I’ve been trying to go to church every Sunday because we have an amazing Sunday school class , for young married couples! It’s so inspiring and eye opening. 

I just finished a three book series by gayle Forman. I started turtles all the way down by John green today! I’ve been so ready to read this book! 

Any substitute teachers have any words of advice for me ? This is a completely new experience! 


Such a pain

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted . I need to get in the habit of posting more , but sometimes I just don’t really have much to say . Ya know ?  Hmmmm…

Well, Dustin bought me the iPhone 6 this week , which I am in love with , btw. He also surprised me with a new nightmare before Christmas shirt, too. (As seen in picture above👆🏻) 

This weekend I let my parents keep Elizabeth for the first time overnight . I was a nervous wreck at first , but with Dustin reassuring me, I relaxed . When she saw me the next day though , she was in all smiles 😀😀

I went back to the doctor today so she could check my iud. Everything is perfect with that .  She started me on a new medicine for my migraines . Yesterday I started having very bad pain in my right side , so we’re trying to figure that out .  She did a urinalysis and it came back negative for everything she could check at her office, the culture should be back within a couple of days. 

     Right now I have a baby with a bellyache😢 . She’s calm one minute and the next she’s crying again , but I’ve given her some gas relief drops and she’s starting to wind down now . Hopefully she will be asleep soon. 

     Did some shopping for her and myself today . We both needed some fall clothes. I got a few long sleeve shirts and she got some sleepers . She also got some new dr browns bottles. I love those bottles. 

    Well, that’s all for now folks!


First Time Mom


      First time stay at home mom, and wife.  Somedays I feel like I’m going crazy from being so overwhelmed, other days I feel great.  Whoever said being a stay at home mom was easy, is absolutely insane.  I do love it, though.  But I also love to work, so the transition is hard.  What I need is a job where I can stay at home and work from my computer or something.  I don’t know how to find one that isn’t a scam though.  If anyone has any suggestions, I’d be up to trying anything.  I just want to be able to help pay for stuff.   Between taking care of Elizabeth, cleaning the house, and keeping up with laundry, somedays I just feel like I’m swamped with things to do.  Dustin is amazing though, and he doesn’t expect me to constantly keep everything done.  He knows how tired I get, and even with him working 7 days a week right now, he does everything he can to make me feel better about everything.  I try to tell him everyday how much I appreciate what he does for me and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth’s one month check up was this past Monday.  She weighed 10 pounds 5.5 ounces.  22 inches long.  She’s doing great.  They’ve changed her formula to similac sensitive, and she’s doing really well on it.  She just tends to try to eat too fast.  We’ve gotten her on a sleep schedule for the most part at night.  She will go to sleep around 7:30-8:30, wake up around midnight to eat and get a diaper change, then she will sleep until about 4, eat and diaper change, then she’s asleep until around 7.  I’m so happy I’m finally getting some sleep.  I still feel completely wore out though.

I’ve been reading the same book since I was in the hospital with Elizabeth.  I’m finally able to start back on it.  I’m reading The Woman In Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware.  It’s an amazing book.  She’s become one of my favorite authors.  I was able to read about 100 pages in it last night before heading to bed.  I already have my next book lined up, too.  It’s another one of her books.

We finally have our bedroom set up.  It took us 7 months of living here, but we have a bedroom now, with a tv and everything. Lol.  We had to buy a new Roku for it, and I love it.  Streaming channels was probably one of the best things invented in my eyes.  I’ve been obsessed with Hulu lately.  Last night I started on Big Little Lies.  So far so good.  I’m only on episode 2, though.

So also on Monday when she had her one month appointment, I got my birth control put in.  I got the paragard.  I’m not sure what’s going on, if it was placed wrong, if my body’s rejecting it, or if what I’m feeling is completely normal.  I’ve been bleeding really bad for I think 3-4 days now.  Which has been making me feel horrible.  I’ve also been feeling like a stabbing sensation every now and then depending on how I move, so I don’t know if it’s moved or what.  I called this morning and made an appointment for my doctor tomorrow morning, so I’ll let you all know how it goes.  I’m thinking about just getting it taken out and getting on the pill or the patch.  I’m not sure yet.

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on different types of vitamins.  I found one that I’ve decided to try since I have a lot of stomach problems and really high cholesterol.  It’s called Fenugreek.  It has so many things it can help with.  But I need it for my cholesterol and acid reflux.  So I’m trying it to see how it works.  It can also help with lowering blood sugar, so if you’re diabetic, maybe think about giving it a try?

I’m also trying to eat and be healthier.  Dustin bought us a blender a little over a week ago.  I made smoothies this morning for my breakfast.  I just added vanilla yogurt(fat free),  peaches, strawberries, and mangos.  It was great.  I think tomorrow morning I’m going to try avocadoes and spinach.  It sounds gross to most people, but I am obsessed with those two things.  I eat avocadoes ALL the time. My coffee addiction is back, though.  So far this morning I have had 2 cups.  It makes me so happy.  Also, I’m so happy it’s October.  I really hope that fall weather starts soon.  I have so many long sleeve cute outfits for Elizabeth, and I’m ready to wear leggings and big long sleeve shirts and not burn alive.

I guess I will wrap this up here.  If anyone knows though about REAL work at home jobs, please let me know.  That’s one of my goals.  Online school is another one.  Which I’m working on applying for now.  Also if anyone knows any good smoothie recipes, or just really healthy (cheap) recipes in general, I’d love to talk and learn them!  TIA.  (I also got new LLR Halloween leggings!  Picture below ^_^ )




Looking Up.

Elizabeth will be 3 weeks old on Wednesday.  We had her doctor appointment today and she’s doing great!  She already weighs 8 pounds 5.5 ounces.  So that means that in 3 weeks, she has gained 1 pound 4.5 ounces.  I’m so proud of our baby girl.  We are now just formula feeding, which she is doing good with.  She’s a very happy baby.  Her baby acne is driving me crazy.  Our doctor said we could try two things, but it would just go away on its own over time.  She told us we could try giving her a bath everyday and drying the places out, or using aquaphor on them.  So I got some aquaphor baby and I’m going to try that first.

I also had a doctor’s appointment today, but it was an eye exam.  Which I was so happy about, because I haven’t had contacts since I’ve been pregnant because my eyes were drying out so bad.  If you know me, you know I absolutely hate wearing glasses.  Before, I only had an astigmatism in my left eye, now I have it in my right eye, too.  Yay.  My contacts have been ordered, and I also ordered some more glasses(cheapest I could get, Lol.).  They are supposed to be in next week, I’m so excited!  They gave me a pair of contacts to wear until then, so bye bye glasses!  It does feel weird to have contacts in again, though.

In two weeks, we have our month appointment with the doctor.  I’m getting my birth control put in and I’m super nervous.  I’ve only ever used two types of birth control: the pill and the depo shot.  Both of which I did not want to do again because I didn’t like them.. So we’re going with the copper IUD.  I’ve heard really good things about it, so let’s hope for the best!

I’ve lost 20 pounds since I’ve had Elizabeth!  I’m so proud of myself.  I’m already in my old jeans(I only had one pair though).  Luckily, WalMart has their jeans right now for $7.78.  I love them, they are so comfortable.  It feels good to be able to wear anything now and be comfortable.  I do miss being pregnant every now and then, but having my baby girl in my arms is so much better.


Mothering is Ministry

4 weeks left until we get to hold our baby girl, unless she decides to come early. Which at this rate, that may just be a possibility. We went to the baby doctor today and everything is still going great. Her heart rate is in the 130s still, my blood pressure is perfect, weight gain is perfect. I’m 35 weeks, and she’s measuring 36 weeks. We wound up having to be sent to the hospital after the doctor appointment because baby girl wasn’t moving as much as she normally does, but all is well. She looked great on the monitor and was perfect for the ultrasound. We got to see our baby girl’s face, and she is oh so perfect. We go every week now to the doctor, instead of every two.
Now since I have told you about the doctor appointment, I’ll catch you up on the pregnancy feels I’ve been having. I’ve been super emotional lately, and in a lot of pain. I can’t stand up longer than 10-15 minutes without both of my legs going numb. I am so hot constantly that I can barely do anything. This Tennessee heat is ridiculous right now, and it doesn’t help that our house only has window a/c units. Most of the time now I stay inside, and just watch tv or read, since it’s hard to do much of anything else.
Sunday, the 23rd, I turned 23. It was a pretty good day. It was super pretty outside, and I got to spend the day with Dustin, and my family. We also got to see his mom, sister, and nephew. We went to church then my parents and brother took us out to eat to Mexican. I couldn’t eat much, baby girl was kicking at my rib cage and making me not really want to eat, but it was still really good, and we had a great time. Dustin and I watched a movie on Netflix that night before falling asleep. We used to have movie nights all the time, but since he works nights now, it’s hard to do that. It made me so happy to be able to just relax in his arms and watch a movie. Then Monday, we went to Shoney’s for breakfast for my birthday, then walked a trail at the park. I was very proud of myself for walking the trail, and I was still feeling pretty good afterwards.
As you all know, I’ve been doing a lot of Bible study lately. Yesterday as I was doing the Bible study for our Sunday school lesson, I came across in my Bible some cool verses and information about breastfeeding. (Dustin bought me an awesome women’s study Bible for my wedding present when we got married).
-Breastfeeding is regarded as a satisfying bonding period between mother and child. Isaiah 66:11 “That you may feed and be satisfied with the consolation of her bosom. That you may drink deeply and be delighted with the abundance of her glory.”
-Breastfeeding requires a special commitment on the part of a mother to her child. Isaiah 49:15 “Can a woman forget her nursing child, and not have compassion on the son of her womb? Surely they may forget, Yet I will not forget you.”
-Weaning of the child-usually by the age of three-was an occasion for celebration, a milestone in the child’s life. (Genesis 21:8) “So the child grew and was weaned. And Abraham made a great feast on the same day that Isaac was weaned.” It was after weaning that a child was expected to receive the teaching of knowledge and doctrine. (Isaiah 28:9) “Whom will he teach knowledge? And whom will he make to understand the message? Those just weaned from milk? Those just drawn from the breast?”
-Breastfeeding was believed by many to be a natural , though not absolute, method of birth control since during the postpartum period, nursing tends to suppress a woman’s ovulation.
Also in my Bible, in the book of Isaiah, there is a little note that caught my attention. I am copying it straight out of my bible. I have a NKJ Women’s Study Bible, like I mentioned before.
More than a job or responsibility, mothering is ministry. Most assuredly it takes work. It means sacrifice. Children to not come off an assembly line , nor are they the by-product of an impersonal biological process: they are to be lovingly nurtured by their mothers(2 Timothy 1:3-5) Mothers divide time among their children but multiply their love for all their children. To this they add the care of the home, often subtracting many extras in order to do so. When Isaiah the prophet searched for an illustration of God’s constant love for His people, the best example he could find was a new baby’s mother(Isaiah 49:15). Mothers have enduring love that even the most trying circumstances or rebellious child cannot dim. As a mother lets go of her own life for the sake of her child, she is reminded of the depth and height and breadth of God’s love for her, and in a unique way she experiences the true joy of motherhood. This is a truth that will transform any suffering or sacrifice into reward and joy(1 John 3:16). God has a plan for mothers(Exodus 2:1-10). The high calling is an all-consuming task: in the morning, you can read God’s word to your child; at mealtime you are to give attention to meeting physical needs; as you are outside, you can teach your child about the beauty of creation; at bedtime you can pray for your child and give assurance. The reward is worth the effort.
Godly mothers are the nation’s greatest treasure, the Lord’s best helpers, and the most blessed among women.

I know that this blog has been a lot to read this time, but I have had a lot on my mind the past couple of weeks, and that passage just really got to me on breastfeeding and motherhood. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did, and do. God has blessed me with so much, and I thank him everyday for everything he has done for me and my family. Thanks to everyone who took the time to read this, and please comment what you think.


Late night contemplation 

It’s one in the morning and I am still awake.  I cannot get comfortable at all. When I finally get comfortable on one side , I can’t breath and have to attempt to roll over to the other side. #pregnancyproblems

This post may be super scattered,  seeing as how late it is and my mind is half awake.  

We went to the baby doctor yesterday morning.  Her heart rate is in the 130s. She’s measuring a little bit bigger now.  She’s dropped and her head is in the birth canal.  My cervix is still closed , though.  Doctor said I will just have to pretty much deal with the pain until she’s ready to make her arrival.  So now it’s just a waiting game.  Me and Dustin are ready anytime.  We’re super excited to meet our baby girl.  And I’m super ready to not have this pain anymore. 

Oh , so since we got home from the doctors office , our dog , siel , has been constantly by my side.  Sniffing at my legs and stomach.  She’s never done that the whole pregnancy .  I was told dogs can since when labor is near.  I wonder how true that is.. 

I’ve been have crazy vivid dreams of going into labor.  They seem so real.  It’s like when I wake up , I feel like if actually happened.  All this stuff going on has me thinking hopefully our baby girl will be here soon.  Also , I may just be psyching myself out.  Dustin kept telling me this evening to relax.  He knows I have a lot of stuff on my mind.  I can’t help it.  I try to relax , but it’s just not happening. 

My 23rd birthday is next Sunday. Dustin asked me what I wanted.  I told him I couldn’t think of anything.  I guess that’s a sign of growing up.  I have everything I want , and need.  I pretty much just want to get stuff for Elizabeth.  So if anyone is planning on getting me anything for my birthday , just get like hospital stuff,  box of diapers ,  box of wipes ,  lotion , baby wash , toys. Stuff like that .  Stuff that doesn’t expire that will help us out.  

Our little dog, ava, is asleep beside me in the bed and is snoring louder than Dustin. But she’s so cute.  I love all of our fur babies.  

Well , I guess that’s all for now.  My mind is slowly shutting off , and my back and left shoulder are bothering me for some reason , maybe it’s the way I’m sitting.  So , bye for now.  Maybe I’ll actually write a better post tomorrow or sometime soon.