Not Enough Hours In The Day

Work all day, come home to a dirty house so I need to get that clean, cook supper, feed my daughter then get her cleaned up and ready for bed, bedtime routine for her, then work on schoolwork until my husband gets home, eat supper with him, spend some time with him, then bedtime and do it all over again.

Days seem like they just keep getting shorter, there is not enough time in the day to get anything that I would like done.  I love to journal, but I maybe write in my journal once or twice every FEW weeks. Why?  ‘Cause I barely have enough time to take a shower, let alone try to write in my journal.

My house is a disaster, not because I want it to be.  Haha.  I hate looking at a mess.  But when you’re 7 weeks pregnant, work all day, and then have to get your 9 month old from daycare and entertain her until bedtime, you’re whooped when it comes time to clean the house.  Some days I honestly think about hiring a housekeeper for once a week, then I think, no, I don’t have the money for that, and I don’t want to feel that lazy.

So today, I’ve made a plan to sit down, separate all the chores out, look at my work and school schedule, and figure out a way to make it work where my house doesn’t look like a tornado hit it 24/7 and I’m always behind on my schoolwork.

Now, we have two house dogs, and so throwing them in the mix, lol.  They are spiteful when my husband and I go to work and will chew up any garbage that is left sitting out, so if I am rushing around in the morning before leaving for work and forget to pick up stuff, you know what I’m going to find when I get home… garbage all over my living room and hallway.  Hopefully my husband will remember to close the bedroom and bathroom door before he leaves for work so that I don’t have to worry about garbage being everywhere in those rooms, too.

Life is just hectic, and I know it always will be.  But, there has to be some kind of way to get it to slow down so I can catch my breath and make my house look good.  Haha. Like that is actually going to happen.  I can always dream, right?

If anyone has any suggestions on how to manage everything, I’d be highly interested.  I am always on pinterest trying to find new ways to schedule stuff in so I can get more done in the day, but with this pregnancy, I am extremely tired and just have to push myself to even get out of bed at any point in the day.


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