Too Early

This momma has been up since 5 this morning. Why? Because my child refuses to go back to sleep 😫😫😫 Because of my stupid migraines , I didn’t go to sleep until after midnight . So needless to say , I have a pot o coffee brewing and a cartoon on the tv for her. It’s Sunday morning and we’re not able to go to church this morning because it’s pouring rain outside and our baby girl has a bad cough. She’s not running a fever or anything , I think she’s just congested from all this weather we’ve had recently .

I got a new job! I go Tuesday to do all my paperwork and onboarding info. I am going back to home health care. I didn’t think that I would after having Elizabeth , but I have decided to. Substitute teaching is not for me. Well, the area I am teaching at. Kids have no respect anymore . I don’t remember ever being that bad when I was in school. I’m going to keep my substitute job until I figure out around how many hours I will be getting in home health.

Yeah, we’re having a little bump in the road right now , money is tight , but we will always make it. We live by the motto “God will never put us through anything we can’t handle” and I believe that with every ounce of my being . God is amazing , and he is always listening. Even though sometimes we feel lost , we can’t give up hope.

My semester has ended in school with my modern history and spreadsheet applications class. I have a 3.9 gpa. Now I’m in a written communications class . I am determined to not get behind in this class. My last two classes I kept falling behind because I had procrastinated too much. I will not do that this semester. I only have one class.

My migraines are not getting any better and I don’t know what to do. I’m trying everything I can. When I notice I’m getting one , I will eat something with sugar in it thinking that maybe it could be from my sugar. Sometimes it works , sometimes it doesn’t . It seems to mainly happen in the evening . It keeps me from sleeping . I’m already on like 3 medications for them , and they still don’t work. I go back to the doctor in two weeks though , so hopefully she will know what to do. I hope so.

I have started to meal plan , and we are eating healthier. Last night we had chicken that was baked in French dressing and green bean casserole. It was so good . I’m glad that Dustin is eating healthier with me. I know it will take time , but at least we are trying . We are also cutting back on our soda. For a while there , all we were drinking was Mountain Dew . Not healthy at all. It was also causing us to feel pretty bad .

I want to thank everyone who takes the time to read my blog! I almost have 500 views . I know to most people that’s not a lot , but that makes me so happy! That’s what keeps me writing this!


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