Mom Shaming.

Let me just start this post out with… I AM SO SICK AND F’N TIRED OF EVERYONE MOM SHAMING.   I don’t understand why people find it necessary to have to constantly push what they do for their kids onto other parents.  Like, being a mom is hard enough on its own without someone judging every little thing you do.  Example::

You breastfeed; good for you.  You can’t or don’t breastfeed; you are apparently a HORRIBLE mom because you’re not giving your baby nutrition from your body.    Now I have heard this one a lot.  I wanted to breastfeed, more than anything.  I hadn’t even bought any bottles or formula or anything.  Well, she latched on a couple of times when she was born, but then she got sick and was in the hospital.  During that time, she didn’t even attempt so I started pumping.  My supply was so low, even with POWER PUMPING (cause yes, I’ve heard “well you need to power pump to get your supply up”) that I couldn’t keep up with how much she was wanting to eat.  And you know what?  My daughter is as chunky as can be being formula fed.  She has met all of her milestones, earlier on some, and she’s already eating baby food.  In my opinion, a FED baby is all that matters.  Whether you breastfeed or formula feed, as long as your baby is eating and getting the nutrition that he/she needs is all that matters, and you are a GREAT mom either way.

VACCINATE OR NOT VACCINATE::: This is by far one of the WORST ones when it comes to mom shaming.  Give me a freakin’ break.  Parents make their own decisions when it comes to their offspring.  Do NOT make them feel bad for their own decisions.  I vaccinate my baby, and I will always vaccinate her, and all my other kids that come after her.  The reason all of the diseases from before our time are coming back, is because people have decided they do not trust the vaccines.  More times than not, when a child gets sick after their vaccinations is because a virus/infection/etc was already dormant in their bodies and something(maybe the vaccine) finally awakened it and set it off.  I would rather be able to use preventative measures to protect my child of these illnesses than to see her get sick with one of them.  I know she will have to have boosters as she ages, so does everyone else who gets vaccinated.  The doctor who CLAIMED that the MMR vaccine was a cause for Autism was a HUGE PHONEY.   He had his license revoked for cheating his tests pretty much.    So, that is my opinion.  If you don’t vaccinate, okay.  That’s your decision.  I’m proud you made that decision.  You’re a good mom, either way.  Just like I am a good mom for deciding to get my daughter vaccinated.  DO NOT PUSH THE WAY YOU BELIEVE ON OTHER MOMS.  I don’t understand why moms are so RUDE and MEAN about the way they voice their opinions.  Also, if you are going to fight someone about it, at least get your facts straight.

Baby food/Baby Led Weaning:  Start your baby on whatever food that you feel is right for your baby.  Elizabeth eats jar baby food, and food off of our plates and she absolutely love it.  We also make our own, too.  You do whatever you feel is right for your baby and your family.

There are so many more that I can discuss, but these are the mains ones  for the day that I wanted to point out because I’m fed up with everything.  No, I don’t have many mom friends, and this is why.  I honestly don’t care.  My husband and I do what we think is best for our child.  That is all that matters.  But thanks to all the moms who have shamed other mom’s so hard, for making them feel like they aren’t good enough and second guessing the way they raise THEIR baby.  I hope you feel good about yourselves and I will definitely be praying for you.

Big props to the moms who are just trying as hard as they can to not give up.  It’s hard.  But you got this, momma.  God will never put you through something that you cannot handle.



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