When life gets you down…

When life gets you down , just pick yourself right back up and brush yourself off. That’s what I am having to learn to do. The past couple of weeks have been very hard on me with my anxiety and depression . I missed a whole week of work because I didn’t want to get out of bed 🤦🏻‍♀️ I am still behind on homework assignments because of the rut I had gotten myself into. I’m not sure what had gotten me so depressed , I think it’s a combination of bills , being overwhelmed with being a mom , student, and working. Just a combination of things.

This week though , I made sure to start it out better and so far so good. It’s Wednesday night and I am still smiling and feeling good about myself . I have worked this week , and I have started a bullet journal (pictures will be below). I am pushing myself to go to bed early and wake up early and stay awake , even on the days I don’t have to work . Today I volunteered with hospice for the first time in the office and I loved it. I’ve also been working on my schoolwork.

The pictures above are of my bullet journal thus far. I am also doing a daily bible study. I’ve fallen a little bit behind on that , so I need to pick that back up.

Tomorrow I am getting our groceries for the month , so if anyone has any advice on things to get that will actually last us all month , that would be awesome. I have actually started a meal plan for the whole month , and I only have a couple of days left to decide what to cook. I’m hoping with me creating a schedule , my life won’t be near as hectic!

Our baby girl turned 5 months old this month . She has two teeth that have cut the gums , she loves mixed vegetable baby food and banana flavored cereal. She loves playing in her walker and bouncer and knocking things off the table. She has a habit of holding onto mamas hair while I’m rocking her to sleep at night 😍 she’s my pride and joy.


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