Never Give Up; Anything Is Possible

So I know that I am horrible at keeping up with my blog, my apologies. The past few weeks have been hectic, and the last week has been rough. We’ve all been going back and forth with whatever sickness is going around because of this stupid Tennessee weather. I’m still sick. Both of my ears are killing me , and I’m so stuffed up I can’t breathe at all. I’ve been taking daytime and night time decongestants, hot tea with honey and lemon, and I’ve been using Vicks. I’m trying to make sure Elizabeth doesn’t get sick again, because she had a bad cold a week ago. I also don’t want to make Dustin even sicker than he’s been. I’m wanting to get rid of this funk before Christmas because it is Elizabeth’s first Christmas, and I want to be feeling better and have a great day!
I have been thinking about what to write about on this post, and I am still having different thoughts going back and forth, so this may be a long one, I’m not sure yet. Since Christmas is in 3 days, I plan on writing about this year in a whole, then my next post will be about the New Years and what we are hoping will happen in 2018.
So this year I have gotten married, had a baby, started college, and became a substitute teacher. All of which are the most amazing things to me and have taught me so much about myself and life.
December 22, 2016, we found out that we were going to be having a baby. I remember it exactly. I had been extremely sick all through Thanksgiving and I had felt like something was going on. I just felt different. Then my sinuses started getting really bad, so me and Dustin went to Walmart to by allergy medicine and I told him I was just going to get a pregnancy test just to see. I mean, what could it hurt? I was supposed to start my period the next day, but I wanted to go ahead and take one. I was in the bathroom waiting for the results and Dustin was in the living room. I didn’t want to look, because we had been trying for 7-8 months to get pregnant, with no luck, so I was scared. When I saw those two lines, I screamed. Dustin ran in the bathroom thinking something was wrong, and I was just ran and hugged him and started crying. It was the most amazing thing. I was still so scared, I was thinking that it couldn’t be real because I hadn’t even missed a period yet, and the lines were so clear. So I took another one the next morning, and it was two very clear lines. Then again, just to make sure, I went to our local health department and they confirmed it. Now we have a 4 month old.
March 05, 2017, we said “I Do”. It wasn’t the ideal wedding that we were planning for. We had the date set for August 25, 2017 and on August 26, 2017 we were supposed to get on a plane to go to Hawaii. Honestly though, it didn’t matter to me because we were getting married and having a baby. I was over the moon in love with Dustin, and I still am. Everyday with him is like falling in love with him all over again. I’ve never been so happy. We wound up having our wedding in my uncle’s front yard down where my parents live. We only have close family come to see it, so for those that were not invited, don’t take it personally. We didn’t invite many people. Then after we got married, we wound up shooting guns. It was sprinkling, and after being outside all day in a dress, I was extremely sick afterwards. I went to bed super early on my wedding night because I could barely hold my head up. It was still the best day. Dustin makes me so happy, and I couldn’t imagine my life without him. He shows me everyday how much he loves me.
August 20, 2017 I was in the hospital getting induced to have our baby girl. Now, we have had a lot of people wondering why our doctor induced me since we weren’t having any health problems and she wasn’t due for another 6 days. The reason being, I was in latent labor for almost 2 months. My contractions stayed 2 minutes apart constantly and I wasn’t sleeping or anything because I was in so much pain. She decided since I was full term, to go ahead and induce me because I was back and forth in the hospital when I was only dilated to 1 ½. They started the induction at 4pm on Monday, and had her at 4:27 pm on Wednesday. I was in labor for 46 hours. But she was worth every minute of it. My epidural stopped working about 3 hours before I had her. I felt everything, but after I seen her beautiful face, it made the pain completely go away.
Now Elizabeth is 4 months old and over 14 pounds. She loves sweet potatoes, carrots, and her cereal. She is now holding her own bottle, and she babbles constantly. Her laugh is the cutest thing I have ever heard. Her smile makes my heart melt. She sleeps through almost the whole night, sometimes waking up just once to eat, then she’s back asleep. She has such a big personality. She can go from laughing to crying in just a split second. She loves her daddy, and she loves daycare. She is doing great at sitting up. She’s not very fond of peas. She is obsessed with the rattle that her Aunt Abbye sent her from Texas. She’s so loved and so spoiled. Elizabeth Nichole is our miracle sent from God.
I also started CTU online this year. My final grade in my first class was posted this morning, and I have a 4.0 gpa! I’m so happy. It was rough trying to figure out how to schedule in studying, working, cleaning, and spending time with Elizabeth, but I finally figured it out (for the most part) and worked as hard as I could and it paid off. On December 29, I get to view my next classes, which are Modern American History, and Spreadsheet Applications. I am extremely nervous about those. This first class was about teaching us how to study and making schedules, setting goals, etc. Now all I need is a new computer, because mine just recently started messing up. But right now, I’m hoping it’ll last until I am able to afford a new one, which probably won’t be for a little while.
This year has also put me closer to God. I am so thankful for everything He has done for me and my family. I love studying in my bible. I’m hoping that this next year I will be able to finally read the whole bible. That’s been one of my goals for a while, but I’ve never had the motivation. We have started a new Sunday School class in our church and it’s for young married couples, and I love it. It has taught me so much already. We are learning about the couples in the bible right now.
I also started a new job this year. I wasn’t expecting to start working so soon, but I had the opportunity and I am so glad that I accepted it. I am a substitute teacher, for Maury County. It is still a little difficult because I am working on my confidence. But the past few times I have substituted has helped me with that. I’m more confident with getting the students to listen to me. I know I have to work on it more, but I will get there. It just takes time, and practice. I really enjoy working in Special Ed classes. They have taught me so much.
I know that this blog post has been a little everywhere and jumbled. This year has been so amazing, and I have learned that no matter what, don’t give up on your dreams. If you work at something, you will achieve it, just don’t give up. Life happens, remember that. Sometimes I feel like I’m losing myself, but I remember that God is always there, and so is my family.

So I started this post on my Microsoft Word before Christmas, and now it’s the day after Christmas and I have still not posted it online. I’m very bad at procrastinating, and I really need to get better at that, but I am going to post this now, and then write another post by the end of the week ( hopefully). Thanks guys for being so patient!



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