A new chapter in life

Hey guys! 👋🏻. So I know it’s been a little while since I have posted , and trust me, I’ve been meaning to but life just gets in the way sometimes . I’m going to try to make a post at least once a week , maybe every two weeks. Depends on the way life is going at that moment in time. 😝

My husband , Dustin has gotten a new job. He seems to like it , which I am glad . He’s on first shift now. I am so happy about that . It’s very nice being able to spend more time with him during the day , and have him next to me at night . 

I start online classes in less than two weeks! 🤗 I am so excited! I am getting my associates of accounting degree. This first 7 weeks I only have one class , so it won’t be too bad. 

This week I also got a great opportunity . I received a phone call on Monday for a job offer to be a substitute teacher in the county over . I talked it over with Dustin and I’ve accepted it! I had my orientation on Thursday , I chose to do all the elementary schools in the county . I get my fingerprints done on Monday , then I get to start accepting assignments on Tuesday!  I get to manage my own schedule , which will be great for school and our baby . I’m so excited for this! 

This new chapter in our lives is scary but so exciting ! God works in mysterious ways. But our God is amazing! Prayer works , guys! 🙏🏻 I wasn’t planning on going back to work this soon , but I feel like this is meant to be. Everything happens for a reason!

I have also been taking time out of everyday to read and study my bible! I’ve been trying to go to church every Sunday because we have an amazing Sunday school class , for young married couples! It’s so inspiring and eye opening. 

I just finished a three book series by gayle Forman. I started turtles all the way down by John green today! I’ve been so ready to read this book! 

Any substitute teachers have any words of advice for me ? This is a completely new experience! 



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