The Ups & Downs of Parenthood

So I know it’s been a while since I have posted anything, the reason being the past month has been super crazy.  Monday, August 21, I was admitted into the hospital at 5pm to be induced.  They started out with a pill that would soften my cervix and get it ready for the Pitocin.  Every four hours, they gave me the pill, which went in vaginally and was not a fun experience.  That night I didn’t dilate at all.  The next morning at 6 am, they started the Pitocin.  By the end of the night, I was finally dilated to a 5.  My contractions were extremely painful, and the doctor recommended that I went ahead and get the epidural that night, around 1-2 in the morning.  I did not enjoy receiving the epidural either, it made me extremely sick for a couple of hours because it dropped my blood pressure lower than it already was.

After the epidural, I finally got some sleep.  My doctor came in early that morning, August 23, around 7-8 and checked my cervix.  Since they had cut the Pitocin off that night around 7, and gave me the epidural, my cervix stopped dilating, and actually went back to a 3.  So back on the Pitocin I went, and I got another pill for my cervix.  Around 1-1:30, my doctor came back to check me and I was dilated for 4 1/2, so she decided to break my water.  Now it was just a waiting game to see when baby girl would arrive.  Around 3, my epidural decided to stop working and I started hurting extremely bad and started having a ton of pressure to push.  The nurse checked me around 3:15 and I was only dilated to a 5.  Dustin and I were very disappointed and upset.  I was in so much pain I was crying and couldn’t breath because I was so hot.  I had about 4 cold wet washcloths on me and Dustin was having to keep a fan on my face.  Around 4:00, I just could not stand the pain anymore so the nurse checked me again, I was dilated to a 8-9 and barely had any cervix left.  Then I couldn’t help but start pushing.

The nurse kept telling me to relax and try not to push, but with every contraction, baby girl was pushing down as hard as she could, it felt like.  The nurse looked down, and could see her head every time I pushed.  Called my doctor, and Elizabeth arrived literally like 10 minutes after the doctor got there.  So around 3:15, I was only dilated to a 5.  At 4:27 pm, I had my beautiful baby girl in my arms.  I pushed about 4 times and she was here.  Dustin was the biggest help and I honestly don’t know if I would have been able to do it if he wasn’t by my side.  The epidural had went out, so I felt everything.  I kept telling them my epidural wasn’t working, but it didn’t seem like the nurse believed me.  Then the doctor started stitching me up and I felt everything.  Then they believed me and had to numb me so she could stitch me.

So, at 4:27pm Elizabeth Nichole made her appearance.  Weighing 7 pounds 1.6 ounces.  20 inches long.  Absolutely beautiful and a spitting image of her daddy.  She was perfect.  Barely cried.  Eats so much.  She latched on perfectly during the skin to skin.  After that though, she only seemed to latch on at night.  After 2 nights in the hospital, we were able to come home.

The first night at home, she was perfect.  Everything was great.  She was eating good, using the bathroom good.  Sleeping good (even though everyone knows newborns don’t like to sleep at night, lol).  Next day, again, everything was great…Then around 1-2 in the afternoon is when mine and Dustin’s lives got completely flipped upside down…

She felt really warm, so I decided to check her temperature.  Under her arm was 100.1 degrees, so I checked her rectally.  That was 100.8.  So of course, we started freaking out.  I completely stripped all her clothes off and put her where the air conditioner could hit her.  Checked her again around 10 minutes, and it was still the same.  I called her pediatrician and she said to take her straight to the hospital.  So we did and they would up transferring us to a big hospital here in TN, Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital.  Again, during all this, it was like nothing was wrong with her other than the fever.  She acted like she felt fine, was still eating perfectly.

We have never felt pain like seeing our baby girl getting stuck over and over again because they can’t get an iv in her.  They kept blowing her veins.  Hearing our baby scream and scream just broke our hearts.  I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much.  I still can barely talk about it out loud without crying.  By the time we got to Vanderbilt, she wasn’t running a fever, but they still kept her overnight to start antibiotics while waiting for all of her tests to come back, which they said would take 48 hours.  We wound up staying 4 days and 3 nights.  The 3rd day, they took her off the antibiotics and said that they wanted to watch her off the antibiotics for 24 hours and if she was still doing so well the next morning, we could go home.

Around 7 yesterday morning, they give us our discharge papers, took the iv out of her foot, and told us we could go home.  So we got dressed, packed up all of our stuff, and left.  We got out to the parking garage when I got a phone call from them telling us to come back, that the attending physician wanted to look at her again with the care team.  So 4-5 hours later, they come in and look at her and then tell us they are going to get a second opinion from another part of the hospital.  That took another hour.  Then they come in and tell us that they are wanting to watch her for another 24 hours off the antibiotics to make sure that everything is fine.  Now this is 4 days in the hospital, we had rushed up there, not knowing we were going to stay, so we didn’t know to pack anything.  We literally had nothing except what we wore, and what was in her diaper bag.  We have no idea how to get around Nashville.  Luckily, his sister lives there, so her and her husband went and got us some pajamas and some toiletries.  But we were still in the SAME clothes for 4 days and 3 nights.  I just delivered her, so I’m stitched up and completely swollen to the point where I can barely move.  They were telling us that they wanted us to stay for another night, even though they had already discharged us!  Again, she had not ran a fever since we had arrived there, and all her tests came back good.  The only test they were not able to get was the lumbar puncture, because the first time they did it they couldn’t get any fluid and they left a big bruise on her spine.

So, people can judge all they want, but we decided to go home.  We live 2 hours away from where we were.  We were barely eating because they weren’t providing us with anything.  They were letting me get meals because I was breastfeeding, but they wouldn’t let Dustin have anything.  The only thing he could even get from the panty was water and coffee.  The first night, she was only in her diaper because they didn’t offer to give her anything to wear, and we didn’t have anything for her because again, we rushed up there not knowing we were going to have to stay.  Thankfully, his cousin Nicole was able to come up and bring us some clothes for her.

We had her one week doctor appointment today, and the doctor said that she was perfect.  She now weighs 7 pounds 14 ounces.  She is eating 2-3 ounces every time she eats, which is now around every 3-4 hours.  She is mainly on breastmilk, but we supplement with formula once or twice a day.  I’m having to pump because I guess from all the stress from the hospital and she wasn’t completely used to latching since she was only 3 days old when we had to go, she doesn’t want to latch at all anymore.  I’m getting around 4-5 ounces in total every time I pump.  I’m so proud she’s doing good, and me and Dustin made the right choice yesterday when we decided to take her home.  We explained everything to her pediatrician, and she even said that the way we were treated wasn’t right.  I’m just so happy our baby girl is healthy.

Now,  I’m not saying anything bad about the hospital.  Every hospital has their days.  But I do NOT appreciate how the doctors treated us.  The nurses were great and tried to do everything they could for us and for her.  But how are you going to discharge someone, and then decide to make them stay after they have already left the building?

But like I said, we are home now, and our baby girl is doing great.  She is sleeping better, she’s calmer.  She is comfortable being home instead of being in the hospital being poked and prodded on.

Sorry for such a long post, but I just wanted to share mine and Dustin’s experience this week.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this and I would love everyone’s input.



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