Impatient Momma


39 weeks tomorrow!  This momma is so excited, anxious, scared, and impatient.  We have great news though, I’m not going to say when, because I post this to my facebook and I don’t want people to be blowing up my phone, or showing up at the hospital when we’re not ready for people to visit, but we are going to be getting induced this coming week!  Me and Dustin absolutely cannot wait.  I’m so ready to be able to hold our baby girl.  It’s just so amazing that I’ve carried her for 9 months.  The woman’s body is absolutely amazing with everything that it is able to do.  I can’t wait to start my breastfeeding journey with Elizabeth.  I know I’m lucky that I have a husband that supports me 100% about breastfeeding.  He’s very supportive, and I told him no matter what I say, not to let me give up.

Let me tell you about how the past week has been.  2 more trips to the hospital.  One included me having to be in the actual emergency room.  Apparently with my contractions, I get really bad chest pains.  They had to do a chest scan to make sure there wasn’t a blood clot or anything.  Luckily everything was okay.  Not sure still why my chest bothers me, but all the tests came back perfect.  So I don’t know.  The other time, I had contractions for 12 hours, 2-3 minutes apart.  Still not dilated past a 2.  Very discouraging.  Doctor called me when I was on my way home and told me that she doesn’t normally do this, but she wants to induce me since I’ve been in latent labor for over 2 weeks now and am in so much pain.  I was so happy when she told me that.  Knowing that I’m going to be delivering my baby girl in a few days is just the greatest and scariest feeling in the world.  Oh, and yesterday in my sleep I apparently stretched my leg wrong or something, but I have pulled my calf muscle in my left leg.  I can barely walk.  Between the pain of my contractions, being huge, and now my leg, I can barely stand up.  I’m really hoping before I have to go to the hospital that my leg is better.  I guess I will find out soon.

I just finished reading the most amazing book, it literally took me less than 2 days to read.  In a Dark, Dark Wood.  I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a thriller/murder genre.  I could not put it down.  I finished it tonight, and I can’t wait until it becomes a movie.  Now I’m reading The Red Tent.  I’m hopefully going to be able to get into it, but I’m not sure yet.

Again, I just want to brag about my amazing husband.  He is working 3rds, 7 days a week right now, and when he comes home he still does everything he can for me.  He’s always asking how I feel and if I need anything.  He’s held me while I cried countless number of times these past two weeks.  He’s been the one to keep me going.  I don’t know how many times the past couple of weeks I’ve told him I’ve wanted to just give up.  I have such painful contractions, they bring me to tears and I can’t move when I have them.  He massages my back more than one time a day.  I just don’t know what I did to deserve him, but I sure am glad that he’s mine.  I can’t wait to see him with Elizabeth.  He’s going to be the best daddy, ever.

Sorry for the bragging, and the long post.  My nights are rough now.  I haven’t been able to write because I’ve been hurting so bad.  But hopefully the next time I post, I will be able to tell you all about our baby girl.



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