Late night contemplation 

It’s one in the morning and I am still awake.  I cannot get comfortable at all. When I finally get comfortable on one side , I can’t breath and have to attempt to roll over to the other side. #pregnancyproblems

This post may be super scattered,  seeing as how late it is and my mind is half awake.  

We went to the baby doctor yesterday morning.  Her heart rate is in the 130s. She’s measuring a little bit bigger now.  She’s dropped and her head is in the birth canal.  My cervix is still closed , though.  Doctor said I will just have to pretty much deal with the pain until she’s ready to make her arrival.  So now it’s just a waiting game.  Me and Dustin are ready anytime.  We’re super excited to meet our baby girl.  And I’m super ready to not have this pain anymore. 

Oh , so since we got home from the doctors office , our dog , siel , has been constantly by my side.  Sniffing at my legs and stomach.  She’s never done that the whole pregnancy .  I was told dogs can since when labor is near.  I wonder how true that is.. 

I’ve been have crazy vivid dreams of going into labor.  They seem so real.  It’s like when I wake up , I feel like if actually happened.  All this stuff going on has me thinking hopefully our baby girl will be here soon.  Also , I may just be psyching myself out.  Dustin kept telling me this evening to relax.  He knows I have a lot of stuff on my mind.  I can’t help it.  I try to relax , but it’s just not happening. 

My 23rd birthday is next Sunday. Dustin asked me what I wanted.  I told him I couldn’t think of anything.  I guess that’s a sign of growing up.  I have everything I want , and need.  I pretty much just want to get stuff for Elizabeth.  So if anyone is planning on getting me anything for my birthday , just get like hospital stuff,  box of diapers ,  box of wipes ,  lotion , baby wash , toys. Stuff like that .  Stuff that doesn’t expire that will help us out.  

Our little dog, ava, is asleep beside me in the bed and is snoring louder than Dustin. But she’s so cute.  I love all of our fur babies.  

Well , I guess that’s all for now.  My mind is slowly shutting off , and my back and left shoulder are bothering me for some reason , maybe it’s the way I’m sitting.  So , bye for now.  Maybe I’ll actually write a better post tomorrow or sometime soon.



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